In the vineyards

Côte d'Or
The vines are healthy in Côte de Nuits, the crop is sound and the yields are low due to failure of bloom.
Harvesting should start during the first week of October.
In Côte de Beaune the situation is more uneven. In some areas, hit by hail storms, the vines are developing slowly (in the northern part) whereas others are growing steadily (in the southern part).
We should start harvesting around September 30th.

The vines are sound. They have been slightly attacked by mildew on their top but without any important damage.
Of course we are far from harvesting time, but the berries really look very small.
They need some extra time for maturing. The "véraison” (change of colour) has begun but it is late. The harvest should not start before October 5th.

The heavy rainfall encountered last week-end will make the grapes swell up and will help the youngest vines.
A nice and hot week is expected.
We should start harvesting around September 18th.

Philippe J. Drouhin