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Beaujolais Nouveau "Béatrice Drouhin"

Beaujolais Nouveau "Béatrice Drouhin"


  • Tasting temperature

    Drink young at 14°-15°C (57°-59° F).

Grape variety



The label of this Beaujolais Nouveau was designed by Laurent Drouhin's wife, Béatrice.

Site: the Beaujolais area, although part of greater Burgundy, is very distinct on many accounts. The villages have a different look: instead of slate, the houses have roofs made of red tiles reminiscent of Provence and the Mediterranean world.

History & tradition: Maison Joseph Drouhin has always been deeply involved with the Beaujolais region and was indeed a pioneer when, in the early fifties, they were the first to bottle and ship Beaujolais Nouveau.

Soil: it is pink granite (and not limestone as in Côte-d'or).



by Véronique Boss-Drouhin

All the spontaneity of a primeur wine!
According to the vintages, the wine may be fairly round, close to Burgundy style, or firmer.
2023 is a round and seductive vintage that reveals intense aromas of red fruits, spices, and refreshing acidity.


Thanks to our experience in the region, we have been able to select various cuvées that complement one another very well and will produce a typical « primeur » wine.

This is where the Gamay grape is king. The type of pruning used in Beaujolais is called « gobelet »: no wires between the vines; each plant grows by itself, independently from the others.


Method: traditional for Beaujolais; semi-carbonic maceration, full bunches of grapes.

Maceration: 4 to 10 days.

Ageing: stainless steel vat.

Short maturing: the wine is released less than two months following the harvest.