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Site: although Beaujolais is part of "Greater Burgundy", it differs from Burgundy in many respects. Out of the 35,000 hectares of gamay planted throughout the world, 22,000 hectares are in the Beaujolais area, spread over 38 villages.History & Tradition: Maison Joseph Drouhin has always had a special affinity for this area and, since their pioneering work in the early fifties, has assiduously promoted it around the world. Made from grapes harvested in villages celebrated for the quality of their terroir and micro-climate, this wine represents, vintage after vintage, the true spirit of the Beaujolais-Villages appellation.Soil: schist and pink granite.


Density: 9 000 vines/ha, to check the strength of the varietal.Pruning: Gobelet method (Goblet pruning), very short, to control yield.


Harvesting: by hand.Method: traditional for Beaujolais; semi-carbonic maceration, full bunches of grapes.Maceration: 4 to 10 days.Ageing: stainless steel vat.

Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin

"A truly convivial wine. Owing to the careful blending of various terroirs, the result is a wine of great charm. It has a lovely raspberry colour and a brilliant hue. The nose is both refined and intense, with notes of violet, peony and red fruit syrup. As you drink it, it feels fresh and silky. Both freshness and fruit remain for quite a long time on the palate".


2020: A vintage of maturity, freshness and balance The grapes harvested were very ripe, in a very satisfactory state of health. This vintage offers wines with a sustained colour, of a very deep red with bluish tints. The aromatic expression is rather intense this year, on the black fruit register. The tannins are ripe and supple and the wines offer a beautiful substance and density, in particular for the Beaujolais crus. Quantitatively 2020 is a rather average harvest. The wines will offer a lot of indulgence for all lovers of this beautiful Gamay grape.


Temperature: 13°C (55°F).Cellaring: 1 to 3 years.