Laforêt Bourgogne
Pinot Noir

Appellation Régionale
Laforêt Bourgogne
Pinot Noir

Grape Variety :

Pinot Noir.


Site: adozen of various appellations especially rigorously selected by Joseph Drouhin are used for this wine.History & tradition: the first plantings of Pinot Noir in Burgundy probably go back to 150 BC. Laforêt Bourgogne rouge, made 100% with this famous grape, is the archetype of red Burgundy for Joseph the 1970s, Robert drouhin (Véronique's father) created "the Burgundy to unveil Burgundy". His idea: the diversity of different terroirs and the elegance of the Drouhin style. He chose grapes from parcels situated near the top of the slopes, high up, close to the forest. He is a nature lover and so called his wine "LaForêt" (the forest in French). He then set out to conquer the market and fortune favoured him".The name LaForêt (pronounced "La-fo-ray") is synonymous with quality. Joseph Drouhin takes great care in selecting the various cuvées.Soil: clay and limestone.


Plantation density: 10,000 vine stocks/hectare.Pruning: Guyot.Yield: 62 hl/ha, purposely low in order to extract all possible nuances from the terroir.Supply: grapes and wine purchased from regular suppliers.


Maceration and vinification take 2 to 3 weeks:
  • indigenous yeasts
  • maceration and fermentation temperatures under total control.
  • Joseph Drouhin seeks total control of the process of extraction; extraction gives colour and substance to a wine but should never be detrimental to its finesse and typical character.Composed like a perfume. Véronique Drouhin and the blend of LaForêt."We have a good palette of aromas and flavours. My Pinots Noirs come from the C^te Chalonnaise for the elegance and the north of the Côte de Nuits for depth. With this structure, LaForêt is a faithful wine, and we rediscover these traits from year to year".


    Stainless-steel vats (7 to 8 months).One to two-year old barrels for the wines of higher provenance.Part of the wine is aged in oak barrels, and that changes a lot. Why? Because the marriage with oxygen happens more gently (as said by Véronique Drouhin!). Result: the wine is not overly woody but is rich in aromas".Throughout the ageing process, decisions are taken only after careful tasting evaluation. The data obtained is then completed through technical analysis. As with every other Joseph Drouhin wine, absolute priority is given to the true expression of terroir and character of the vintage.

    Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin

    "A wine full of charm: bright ruby colour and a nose rich with aromas of red fruit (raspberry, red currants, wild strawberry). On the palate, the wine is pleasant, fruity and refreshing, with light tannins and great elegance.Aperitif "finger food"? A light (almost) improvised dinner, lunch in a trendy restaurant, LaForêt is always in right place! Its a no brainer, LaForêt is at ease everywhere and with everything or almost! Pinot Noir and grilled chicken, pasta with pesto... simple things, a sign of times".New design. LaForêt is dressed in a smart casual way to surprise its friends. A concise simplified label, a scewcap, an outer decorated with a whirwind of bottles... No doubt aboit it, LaForêt is trendy!


    This vintage was marked by a concentration of juice in the berries just before the harvest. The wines show a very nice intense ruby colour. The nose is complex and very expressive of red fruits and black fruits but above all the expressions of the terroirs are already noticeable.


    Temperature: 12/13°C (53-55°F).Cellaring: 1 to 3 years.