Some news from the vineyards

The vine is affected by the weather changes. Since last week we are experiencing colder temperatures.
We are about 12 days late compated to 2007 and 7 days ahead compared to 2006 and 2008. We were surprised, a fortnight ago, by some caterpillars called "mange-bourgeons" which hit some parts of the vineyards in the Chablis area.
The frost risks are decreasing as we are getting closer to the "Saints de Glace" (period when temperature usually gets quite low and corresponding to Saint-Mamert May 11th, Saint-Pancrace May 12th and Saint-Servais May 13th).
The heavy rainfalls encountered on April 25th and 26th induced the first mildew spots in Côte d'Or.
Only slight oidium marks are forecasted but some rose trees in the centre of Beaune could announce a different situation..... most attention is required.

We are about at the same stage as last year, which was a late year (6 according to Eichhorn and Lorenz' scale). Last Winter was quite atypical with snowfalls and mechanical damages due to the frost. A few days ago, some violent storms hit the region, sometimes with hail, cutting down trees in Portland. Fortunately, our domaine was spared.

Philippe J. Drouhin