Start of harvest

Côte d'Or
In our vineyards, harvesting started on September Monday 7th, under a bright sunshine, still generous. The average temperatures, often high at the early beginning, contributed to speed up the metabolism. The rain we had last week provided the vine with all required needs.
The sanitary conditions are excellent. The maturity is good for Pinot Noir as well as for Chardonnay.
It is too early to foresee the quality or the style of the vintage, but grapes of such a quality never gave bad wines!
The yields are fairly high and prove we were right to proceed to green harvest during summer.

We started harvesting on Friday 11th. Quality is also excellent and the degrees are high.

After some recent rainfalls, most welcome, the maturing is progressing and we should start harvesting around September 21st.

Philippe J. DROUHIN