155th Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

A record of generosity

The auction was held this year with a very particular mood but buyers have shown their support and loyalty to the Hospices de Beaune by attending the Auction and being very active bidders.

The vintage 2015 is excellent and its reputation is known the world around. The availabilities are small and the biddings have been very intense and initial estimated values of each lot have been by far exceeded.
The total value of the Auction has reached a new record at 10 million €. The average increase for the reds is 27%, 32% for the whites with an overall average of 28%.

The Presidents barrel was also sold at a new record: 480 000 €.
The benefit will proceed to 3 associations: Fondation Marie Curie, Research for the stroke, and the Association d'Aide aux Victimes des Attentats (association to help victims of attacks).

Maison Joseph Drouhin remained very active and purchased the following lots:

- Meursault Premier Cru Genevrières cuvée Baudot (2 pièces)

- Meursault Goureau (1 pièce)

- Beaune blanc Montrevenots cuvée Suzanne et Raymond (2 pièces)

- Meursault Premier Cru Porusots cuvée Jéhan Humblot (1 pièce)

- Meursault cuvée Lopin (2 pièces)

- Mazis-Chambertin cuvée Madeleine Collignon (2 pièces)

- Beaune Premier Cru cuvée Maurice Drouhin (13 pièces)

We were very pleased to show this year along with customers from Greenland to Hong-Kong our loyalty to the Hospices de Beaune.

Frédéric DROUHIN
November 16th 2015