Fresh and rainy weather

After a hot and dry period, the weather turned fresh (even cold) and rainy.
The vine suddenly reduced its growth; the "veraison" (changing of colour of the grapes) which started 10 days ago in the earliest parts, is evolving very slowly.
We are some 3 days late compared to 2007 when we started harvesting on August 31st; wait and see how August turns out.

The sanitary state is excellent in all parts of the vineyard. The vines are healthy. The failure of bloom is more and more evident each day in the Chardonnay plots. As for the reds, the clusters are of good size, nearly too big, and compact.
On July Tuesday 12th, Rully was damaged by a severe hail storm; Puligny and Chassagne-Montrachet were slightly hit, certainly without any significant effect.
On the other hand, our vineyard in Rully (3 ha) has been severely damaged. Directly, we certainly lost some 40% of the crop, but the induced loss could be higher. Next year's yield will also be impacted as the branches have been damaged and the canes are fragile.

At last, some nice weather has arrived, bringing a quick flowering!
For the moment, the vines are developing normally but we should be heading towards a late harvest.