In the vineyards

Côte d'Or, Chablis
Bloom is expected soon. The weather has been mild and the vines were early but the fresh temperatures encountered lately slightly reduced this advance. However, the vegetation growth is still ahead and we might consider harvesting during the first fortnight of September.
The rainfall is low and so is the disease pressure, which brings relief to wine-growers, compared to the situation of the last two years.
The vines show a good and even abundant quantity of clusters, but we know that this gorgeous potential might be reduced (even destroyed) by nature's whims. We have to be extremely cautious.

The weather has been a little crazy lately with very high temperatures around 14th May. We are expecting bloom around 15th June, which is not bad at all (although I don't trust weather forecast at all beyond 4 days!).
At Roserock, our late 2013 acquisition in the EOLA AMITY hills, the vine develops nicely, with a quite close timing with DDO, which is going to challenge us at harvest!

Philippe J. Drouhin