A new digital service (QR Code) available on Joseph Drouhin labelling

Whereas Maison Joseph Drouhin is unanimously recognized as a pioneer in its Burgundy vineyards, especially in biological and biodynamic viticulture, it is also a constant innovator when it comes to provide relevant info to the consumer.

As part of the ongoing upgrading of the packaging, a new technology is being introduced that will provide the consumer with a wealth of information regarding the wine being tasted or purchased.

Each back label of Joseph Drouhin wine will now have its own QR code: a two-dimensional barcode whose digital content can be scanned or photographed by the new generation of smartphones.

As the QR code is scanned, an Internet page entirely devoted to the specific wine will be displayed, giving the user immediate access to a large amount of data: grape varietal, vineyard (location, history, soil, geology, average age of the vines,...), viticulture, vinification, élevage, Véronique Drouhin's personal tasting notes, vintage report, advice on aging and serving the wine, general information on Maison Joseph Drouhin, etc.

« We are well aware that we have to multiply the communication channels through which we can reach the consumer who is increasingly eager to receive more information about our wines. Since we have so much to share in terms of our history and unique character, we have found this QR code to be the most appropriate and ingenious solution» said Frédéric Drouhin.

With this new system, Maison Joseph Drouhin widens even further its already large array of multimedia services which include websites (www.drouhin.com and www.drouhin-vaudon.com), now also available in their mobile version and on Facebook.

A new digital service (QR Code) available on Joseph Drouhin labelling