Some news from the vineyards

Cote d'Or
The "véraison" (maturing of the grapes) started in precocious vineyards. On previously encountered basis, harvest could begin around september 7th, which is particularily early. Mildew is rare, except on parts affected by humidity.
We had a lot of rain last week (up to 120mm!). The potential damages will be observed this week. It is always worrying although the vine, at this stage of vegetative development, is less vulnerable.
Oidium, which was due to be rare, spread quite widely in some areas.
Givry and Nantoux were recently hit by hail storms.
The situation in our vineyards is good to very good. Only one parcel suffered more severely from mildew attacks at the top of the leaves. We are keeping a close eye on the situation...
The crop seems of good quantity, even abundant locally.

Everything is fine. No strong storm to point out for last week. Important but nevertherless reasonable rainfalls. The sanitary state is sound. To date, the crop is promising.

The summer season is going through peacefully. The vines look beautiful and we could start the harvest around September 23rd.

Philippe J. Drouhin