Some news from the vineyards

Côte d'Or
Flowering is over everywhere except in the Hautes-Côtes area. There is a noticeable difference from one vineyard to another and from one village to another. The flowering conditions, the incidence of the grape-worm and chlorosis attacks lead to a heterogeneous load. The growth is 15 days early compared to 2008 and 9 days late compared to 2007.
The sanitary state has recently slightly deteriorated due to mildew spots on the young leaves; the situation is not really worrying at present stage but it could become more serious in the late areas in case of difficult weather conditions and insufficient protection. The precocious vineyards reaching the stage "closing of the clusters" will be less vulnerable.

We are at the stages "end of flowering" / "berries at pea-size", which means we are nearly one week ahead of last year. The flowering happened satisfactorily.
The situation is sound.

Oregon :
Flowering is nearly over (80-90%). We are about 2 weeks earlier than last year, which corresponds to an average year.

Philippe J. Drouhin