Start of harvest

The type of weather prevailing all through Summer has not been classical.
In Côte d'Or, the rainfall of July and August is 38% higher than average.
As a result, the vine growth was slowed down, and botrytis (rot) can be noticeable in the pinot noir, whose clusters are denser than the chardonnay's.
We will start harvesting on Monday 29th. According to the weather forecast and the vine evolution, we might make a break for a few days...
It is nearly the same operating procedure each year.

The Summer period is usually hot and dry, without any surprise. This year has been affected by important variations in temparatures together with a low rainfall.
The vine shows a good development, and the "veraison" (maturing of the grapes) will soon come up.
We should not start harvesting before October, but a nice weather is forecasted for September and October.