Some news from the vineyards

This year is rather chaotic. In the Chablis region as well as in Côte d'Or, the weather conditions have been difficult. Even if the rainfall was weak, its steadiness maintained the strength of mildew and reduced the possibility to drive the tractor through the vineyards.
Flowering also suffered from this situation, and in some parts the yields are already highly affected.
The young and vigorous vines seem to be coping, whereas those suffering from some viral disease were particularly damaged.
It looks as if oidium could appear quite soon. Mildew is already present, causing serious effects in some parts.
At this stage, we could forecast harvesting around September 20th, but it is just an assessment.

As it was the case over the past years, Oregon is late compared to Burgundy. Flowering reaches 50% in the most precocious areas.
Now, the situation is satisfactory.

Philippe J Drouhin